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Audiobook News & Reviews: 07/24-07/28

Audiobook Sales are up this year! More industry news, interviews, giveaways, and reviews!
News and Reviews

Home Studio Guidelines

Home Studio Audition Guidelines:

  • The microphone should be no more than 6 inches away from the narrator.
  • Pop filters are required.
  • All auditions should be recorded as 16 bit, 44.1kHz WAV files.
  • No noise gating or noise reduction
  • The only acceptable processing is compression ...

Daily Projects

Daily - home studio required (see home studio guidelines).

Narrators will record a collection of articles from several news publications and periodicals on a daily basis. Content will cover a variety of subjects, from politics to arts and entertainment. The finished product will range ...

Non-Daily Projects

Non-Daily News articles

These articles will come in on a weekly to bi-weekly basis and will usually have a finished run time less than 60 min. The rate is $75 per finished hour with an hour minimum.

Audiobook News & Reviews: 07/23

Giveaways, why you should create an audiobook, what you should expect when you do, and how to use audiobooks to get through your growing TBR pile. Plus today's reviews!