"I will be forever grateful for this project."

We recently recorded Frank & Charli, a memoir by Frank Yandolino. Marianne Fraulo & Allan Edwards performed the story beautifully. After hearing her story, Charli reached out to Marianne to share how it moved her (and permitted us to repost her thoughts here):
"It has been beyond emotional to hear our story...tell the company that you did a great job and all my friends agree. I will be forever grateful for this project."
This is why we love what we do at ListenUp.
Our narrators spend hours upon hours in the vocal booth - usually the time spent in the booth is at least twice the run time of a book. So, for this audiobook, which is 11 hours and 34 minutes, the narrators (and engineers) spent at least 23 hours recording. That doesn't include the prep time beforehand, during which they read through the book and get to know the plot and characters. After recording, the book spends time with our editors, our quality control professionals, and the mastering team. It would be easy to skip over prepping the script or to give less than 100% when narrating, but our team of professionals would never consider it. When we see feedback like this, it's easy to understand why.
Great stories deserve great voices. We are always honored to be trusted with great stories.
Frank & Charli is now available from Audible.com