Bout of Books - Keep your Reading Resolutions + Audiobook Giveaway: Pickett's Charge

We are participating in this year's #boutofbooks! Today's challenge is a Resolution challenge, by The Book That... !

"New Year’s Resolutions
Whether you have made reading resolutions or want to use general life resolutions you have made over the New Year holiday, pick books with titles that relate to each of your resolutions. You can post as many or as few as you would like. You can also check out my full reading resolutions for 2015 here."


We chose Power Listening, by Bernard T. Ferarri to represent our 2015 Resolutions. Our goals are to listen to as many audiobooks are we can. We want to do so effeciently, so we are going to listen to audiobooks...

.... while we exercise

... on our commutes

... while we do chores

... and anytime we get a chance.

To kick the year off right and to help you with your resolutions, we're giving away a free copy of Pickett's Charge, by Charles McNair, narrated by Jeremy Arthur.

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