ListenUp Audiobooks New Releases, March 17

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Fire_Of_Stars_and_Dragons_ACX copyFire of Stars and Dragons, by Melissa A. Petreshock, read by Casey Holloway, Daniel Thomas May, and Kevin Stillwell.

Fire of Stars and Dragonsthe first book in the exciting Stars and Souls trilogy, follows 21-year-old Caitriona "Cait" Hayden as she navigates finding her way in 22nd century soverign America, where women are expected to be seen and not heard. And where someone is trying to kill her.

Cait is taken on as a ward by Theo Pendragon, a sexy dragon sworn to protect her. Theo, along with demi-god Dante, and King Corrin fight for Cait's affections as she makes impossible choices with dire consequences.

DontWorryItGetsWorseACXDon't Worry, It Gets Worse, written and read by Alida Nugent.

In Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse, Nugent shares what it takes to make the awkward leap from undergrad to "mature and responsible adult that definitely never eats peanut butter straight from the jar and considers it a meal.” Nugent documents, with a little snark, and a lot of heart to formative moments of being a twenty-something - from apartment searching on the black hole known as Craigslist to the creative budgeting allowing one to pay student debt and still enjoy happy hour. Based on her popular Tumblr blog, The Frenemy, Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse is a love note to boozin’, bitchin’ ladies everywhere.

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Just a Couple of Days, by Tony Vigorito, narrated by Bernard Setaro Clark.

Just a Couple of Days is cult favorite Tony Vigorito's inventive underground hit chronicling the party at the end of time. A mischievous artist kicks off a game of graffiti tag on a local overpass by painting the simple phrase, “Uh-oh.” An anonymous interlocutor writes back: “When?” Someone slyly answers: “Just a couple of days.” But what happens in just a couple of days? Professor Blip Korterly is arrested, his friend Dr. Flake Fountain is drafted into a shadow-government research project to develop the ultimate biological weapon, and an accidental outbreak turns into a merry-hearted, babble-inducing apocalypse that will either destroy humankind or take it to the next step in evolution.

REIGN ACX Reign: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale: Book 4by Chanda Hahn, read by Tavia Gilbert.

Reignthe 4th installment of the Unfortunate Fairy Tale series, follows Mina Grimm. Mina disobeyed Jared's orders and went to the Fae plane, which has cost her dearly. She is haunted by her decision as new danger surfaces. The Grimms are fading. Mina will have to enlist the help of her Fae Godmother and a magic pair of shoes to travel to the past and save her family's future.  She must return to where the Story first began - to the beginning of the dark prince's reign. Can Mina finish her quest before her time runs out? Or will she be forever trapped in the past?