Spooky Listens: High Midnight

Only 5 days until Halloween! 

To get you in that creepy mood, we recommend spending this week listening to High Midnight

High Midnight is a beautifully well-written, bizarro, horror, zombie, western pulp novel. The audiobook is narrated by Bernard Setaro Clark and his narration is, honestly, amazing. Every character has his or her own incredibly crafted, distinct voice. 

Synopsis: Ghouls, cryptids, homicidal clowns, knife wielding chimps and the best damn phantom bordello north of the border... welcome to Unity, Texas!

Sheriff Laredo Beaumont, former truck driver, hobo savant and ex-luchadore, along with his bonobo deputy Cicero are the sole law in Unity - a literal ghost town perched on the mysterious crater known as the Devil's Outhouse - whose main economy derives from the spectral pleasures found within the Heskiaoff House bordello along with the Gallows Daughter Saloon (the last watering hole before exiting the American Dream). Whether corralling a pack of feral Chihuahua Yetis, giving chase to monstrous Thunderbirds or stemming the endless tides of sleep-walking dead - there's no problem Sheriff Beaumont couldn't handle either behind the business end of his trusted Colt or at the bottom of a bottle of Wild Turkey. But every man's got his limits and Laredo has long reached his, retiring from the badge that bought him little respect and less gratitude. Ready to settle down with his beloved Sally Mae, a ghostly soiled dove working in the town's infamous ghost bordello, Laredo has no idea that a gang of murderous clowns are closing in... each looking to settle a long forgotten score with the infamous 'Sheriff of Unity'.

A gonzo pulp western for the 21st century, High Midnight is a timeless tale of blood and redemption set against a preternatural and pre-apocalyptic Texas.

Basically, High Midnight is like nothing you've ever heard before. And, it's on sale for Halloween!